15 Tips for Visiting Thailand – KNOW THIS BEFORE YOU GO TO THAILAND!

I spent the whole month of December 2018 in Thailand and here’s my "Thailand Survival Guide". This is all based on my own personal experience, so some of these tips might not be helpful or accurate in your case, but I still think they can be pretty helpful and should be handy for one or [...]


Top 7 Free Things to Do in Barcelona

I only spent about 3 days in Barcelona but being a budget traveler, I still found same cheap/free things to do in this beautiful city. So here are all the things you can do here if you’re either on a tight budget or only have a few days in BCN and don’t want to break [...]

24 Hours in Singapore

DISCLAIMER: This is not a ‘what to do in 24 hours in Singapore’ blog post but more so a ‘what NOT to do, when you’ve only got 24 hours in a place’. I specifically booked a flight out of Asia that would have a longer layover in Singapore just because I wanted to explore Singapore [...]

A Weekend in Portugal

Oh, Portugal... I spent the first few days of March in Portugal. My initial plan was to go skydiving in Porto, which is why I booked this trip in the first place. However, a few days before my flight, I got a call from the skydiving place cancelling on me due to “bad weather conditions”. [...]

The Ugly Side of Travel

Traveing isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always fun. Sometimes it hurts. It breaks you heart and leaves you empty. And sometimes it’s dull. Exhausting. Stressful. Some places are overhyped and you’re not going to love every place you visit. Sometimes it's just really going to suck and yet, travel is always worth it, because even [...]

Amsterdam – Spontaneous Tattoos and Wise Words

„When I was 18 I thought I could die. I had a good life.” Inspiring words from a swiss guy, who grew up in Italy and is currently living in Amsterdam. I was walking the streets of Amsterdam one day, when I walked past a tattoo shop and I was admiring the sketches they were [...]

Everything Happens for a Reason

Everything happens for a reason. This is a philosophy I strongly believe in. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re being protected from or where you’re being guided and I mean I’m not super religious or anything, but this is one thing that I definitely agree on. In life you will experience a lot of failure, [...]

How to Pick Your Next Travel Destination

Your bucket list is endless and you can’t decide where to go next? Here’s how I choose my next travel destinations and maybe some of these will help you out next time you can’t decide between all of the hundreds of places you have yet to go to. • Skyscanner’s “Everywhere” feature. This is how [...]

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